It’s not always easy being a child and we all have memories of those times when the adult world seemed overpowering and no one would listen to us. But then a kindness here, an invitation to play out there, a teacher praising our efforts in school – these things can put everything into perspective again. But for so many of the children we work with, that perspective never materialises and childhood is a difficult and challenging experience that has to be endured not enjoyed. That’s where we come in.

Triple H Trust provides a programme of respite holidays for primary school aged children who live in areas of high deprivation in Bristol and Birmingham and who experience challenges in their lives. We support children who face lots of barriers to healthy social and educational development such as low self esteem or being bullied. But whatever their situations, a Triple H Trust break can offer a child emotional support and a safe haven - and most importantly of all it’s a breathing space from their daily problems and an opportunity to have fun! And each child has the chance to develop resources and skills that will set them in good stead for life and which they can share with their families and communities when they get home.